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I train clients 6 days per week, Sunday through Friday from 5am to 12pm and 3pm to 8pm (availability each hour may vary by day). That is 72 total sessions I teach per week, I’m confident you can find time to fit at least a few workouts into your busy week, right?

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Get the benefits of a personal trainer through small group sessions with individual attention at Club Elevation. Providing small group sessions makes it more affordable for everyone which is ultimately my goal, the last thing I want is for the cost to get in the way of someone getting fit. Check out the current deals I’m offering HERE.

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I understand that childcare can sometimes get in the way of leaving home to work out which is why you can bring your children to Club Elevation if need be. I don’t have a special kid’s room or childcare at the gym but plenty of my trainees bring their kids to hang out for the hour they are exercising.

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Results is my middle name… you want to lose 20 pounds, be able to do a pushup, lower your cholesterol, and/or be able to fit into your “skinny” clothes again, just tell me and that is exactly what I will help you achieve. I train people of ALL shapes and sizes and have seen incredible body transformations, all it takes is showing up and working hard during your sessions.

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Everyone working out at Club Elevation is like minded, they all show up to create healthier versions of themselves and want to see others succeed as well so we constantly cheer each other on and celebrate successes! While you might practice specific types of exercises during many sessions you will never get bored with too much repetition. I am passionate about having fun and I love what I do, which results in an incredibly positive and fun environment to achieve your goals - come check it out and let me show you!